We're a 92 year old, third generation family owned, Made In the USA, proud Michigan Manufacturer.
Our business is thriving, but our powerful neighbor Whirlpool is trying to SQUEEZE us out.
Show Whirlpool that you support New Products Corporation and 100 hard working people.

What is the Big Squeeze?

Whirlpool stole a piece of our property. Read our story
Whirlpool wants the rest of our property too! Read how they are PLANNING TO ELIMINATE US by erasing us off the map…
Whirlpool is SQUEEZING us in many ways. They are proceeding with their plans–which don’t include us!

We need your help! We want to show Whirlpool that our community supports us. We’ve helped build this community. We provide 100 much-needed jobs. We’re here to stay. Tell them to work WITH us.

A Message from New Products’ CEO

How You Can Help

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