Is New Products still in business?
Yes! We’re very much alive and well. Many people seem to confuse New Products with our recently out of business neighbor, Modern Plastics. Both businesses were founded by Walter Miller. Modern Plastics is in chapter 7 bankruptcy. New Products is an aluminum die cast business. We are alive and thriving. Read more about us at www.NewProductsCorp.com.

Is the lawsuit still proceeding? I heard the legal dispute was settled.
Yes. We are still going through the legal process and hope to get a date for trial soon.

Where is the property that was taken?
It is a strip of land, 250 feet wide north of Klock Road at the base of the electrical tower, extending west toward 8th Street, extending north to the Paw Paw River. Here is a map.

Why does Whirlpool want our land? 
It is a strategic piece of property for their development. “If we don’t put all this land together, the rest is basically worthless,” said Jeff Noel, VP of Communications for Whirlpool. Read an early news article describing early development plans.

How could this happen?
We wonder the same thing! All the facts support that we have continuously–and still–own our property. It is blatantly wrong that Whirlpool built on our land without following the legal process to purchase it. Then they made up a story to justify it.

Is this a case of eminent domain?
No. Eminent domain is defined as the right of a government to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.  In the case of NPC’s land, it was taken by private developers without compensation or any contractual offer to purchase.

If Whirlpool/ Harbor Shores wanted our property, why didn’t they make New Products an offer?
Whirlpool made a corporate decision to take our land, rather than reveal their plans for all of New Products’ property. They anticipate, rightfully so, that the sale of corporate property would include protection provisions for the continuing operations of the remainder of the property. They have plans to develop on ALL of our property. Perhaps they wrongfully assumed our business would close–through economic hardship and with the help of their SQUEEZES–and they could acquire the NPC property for cheap, as they attempted to do with Modern Plastics. (See Other Shady Land Deals).

Did Whirlpool/Harbor Shores simply make a mistake? 
No. Whirlpool had lots of opportunities to research, review, and address the numerous red flags raised by title companies and surveyors before the purchase. The way the purchase was made was highly unusual. Whirlpool paid the Heald family 5x more for our land using a Quit claim, than any other neighboring property. Here is a map of parcel sales for Harbor Shores’ 18th Fairway. Whirlpool has never made any offers to fix mistakes. Instead, Whirlpool developed on our land. They get what they want, they hope to get away with it, and if not, they SQUEEZE us by costing us time and money in court to win it back.

Can’t we all just get along?
Yes. We respect their property. We expect our property to be respected. We are not in their plans. They don’t want to make any agreements with us. Knowing this, they should have planned their development in a different location. Going forward…

How do we arrive at a solution?
It is astounding that Whirlpool has not agreed to common ground,  no olive branches have been offered. Even when forced to mediation by the judge, Whirlpool was unwilling to bargain in good faith. We are willing to talk–inside or outside the courtroom. That is why we are vocalizing our problems on this web site.

Are you against the Harbor Shores development?
No, we are not against the Harbor Shores development. We are against taking someone’s land. No matter what the land is for, it is just plain wrong for someone to take another person’s property. Whirlpool would like you to think we are the bad guys in the way of their development. On the contrary. Don’t steal land for your development!


What other questions do you have that we can address?


  1. Thanks for taking on the fight and standing up for the people of Benton Harbor! It’s a cause worth championing.

  2. If it is your property why not put up a fence? I hope you prevail it appears that big business is running the show both on the local and state level. Seems to me that the type of jobs that your company provides are the jobs most lacking in this area.

  3. As a small business owner this should not be allowed if true. The problem is that you are dealing with Benton Harbor. This incredibly corrupt and incompetent city has sold me property which they later tried to resale after they had sold it to me and before the registration had been completed with the county. I bought property from the county which they told me had clear title but came up with another owner when I went to sell it and the county would not back up its previous claim. I later let the county have they property back and low and behold, within a couple of months the title had been cleared the property demolished and put in the land bank. There are a lot of shady happenings with properties in this area. What can you really do? I only prevented one by an act of God.