2013 - Overnight Rentals & Complaints

2013 – Overnight Rentals & Complaints

New Products requests protective covenant language in the new cottage deeds acknowledging that there is an industrial facility next door. Buyers could file formal legal complaints, that would obligate New Products to defend themselves. Cherie Miller, CEO of New Products Corporation, says “buyers should acknowledge existing operations.”

These overnight guest “cottages” are adjacent to New Products’ industrial facility that runs a three-shift die casting operation. Anticipating that owners of the cottages could potentially complain about noise from the plant’s operations, NPC requested that protective language be added that would recognize the company’s operations and restrict noise complaints. Appeals were made to both Michigan’s Governor Snyder and to Benton Harbor’s EFM Tony Saunders to request the language be amended. These appeals were ignored and the Planning Commission and the Emergency Manager Tony Saunders did not allow the additional language. New Products is currently appealing to Michigan Governor Snyder.

This is a reasonable and normal request that would be immediately granted through a normal city approval process.

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