2014 - Sr PGA Championship

2014 – Sr PGA Championship

New Products Seeks Guaranteed Access to its Facility for the week of the Tournament in May 2014. “It was a major hassle getting access on public streets to our facility for the 2012–it took 10 months! We finally received passes days before the event. We should not have had to go through that then. We should not have to go through that now,” says Cherie Miller, CEO of New Products.

Shortly following the announcement of the return of the Senior PGA Championship to Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor, New Products Corporation announced via a press release that it was offering to lease its property on the 18th Fairway for $1 to the Senior PGA. When the local news failed to publish New Products’ offer, the company purchased an ad (image at left) to be published in The Herald-Palladium. Although the company’s ad payment was processed, New Products was notified less than a day before the publication date that the publisher would not publish the ad. This is one of a series of media SQUEEZES.

New Products is concerned about the 2014 event because of the extraordinary efforts made to do business as usual during the 2012 Senior PGA. In advance of the 2012 Senior PGA, New Products was notified that all roads surrounding its property would be closed to public access before and during tournament play. Because of the company’s three shift operation and daily inbound and outbound customer deliveries, New Products requested details–over a period of 10 months–to assure that access to/from NPC would not be impeded. It was only a few days in advance of the tournament that NPC received details and assurance that employees and deliveries would have access to its manufacturing operations.

Read more about the difficulties NPC faced at the 2012 Sr. PGA.

As a result, New Products is currently making every attempt through letters to PGA officials and through meetings to guarantee unimpeded access for employees and deliveries during the 2014 tournament.

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