2013 - Media Blockade

2013 – Media Blockade

New Products Corporation is being squeezed out of local media–especially local media in Benton Harbor. Since September 2011 when NPC filed its lawsuit against Whirlpool and others for stealing the company’s property, The Herald-Palladium, the local daily newspaper, has not published NPC’s news releases or reported on:

Matters of our stolen property

Legal complaints and updates

New Products Business or Interest Press Releases

It is fair to say that newspapers and other media have the right to not publish or report news they deem is not newsworthy. Since when are 100 jobs and a 92 year old manufacturer in Benton Harbor NOT NEWSWORTHY to the local community?
Yet, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and other national news outlets have published news about NPC. As a result of The Herald-Palladium’s refusal to report on issues facing NPC, the company purchased newspaper ads and letters to the community. However, in July 2013, NPC purchased an ad about the company’s offer to lease its property for $1 to the Senior PGA, The Herald-Palladium processed NPC’s payment and then refused to publish the ad.
Ask yourself, ask others, ask Whirlpool—why the local media SQUEEZE? You have a right to know.

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