2004 River Run Plan

2004 River Run Plan

Some digging unearthed even more plans for our property, dating back to 2004! While the development name changed to Harbor Shores, the intentions to build on our property have long been underway. These plans feature a town center on our headquarters, and pedestrian trails through our property.

You have to wonder…

Why spend so much time and money designing on a property owned by NPC?

Why didn’t they contact us about purchasing our land?

What were they told?

Interesting to note, these plans show development on other property they did not own:  public beach, Jean Klock Park and the not-yet-bankrupt Modern Plastics manufacturer (the triangle just to the right of us on the map).

Plans include a town center and civic plaza on our headquarters

Trail maps blaze through our propert


This plan wasn't an accident. See other plans for our property...

Whirlpool’s other questionable land deals can be found here. 

One thing is clear, plans have long been underway to SQUEEZE New Products Corporation.

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