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Outpouring of support

Here are just a few of our favorites:

This is terrible! We are on your side.V.S, Local resident
As a local resident who has lived in this community for decades, I am saddened and outraged to learn that Harbor Shores has plans to develop and eliminate a thriving business.
G.B, Local resident
I wish you good luck, Ms. Miller, in your fight. Like your father, you are dedicated and courageous – committing time and resources to your beliefs. I hope you soon prevail and this current challenge is brief.
M.H., Local Resident
I have lived in the Benton Harbor area for over 17 years and have seen improvements but also have seen good paying jobs leave our area.  I worked at Whirlpool Corp. just to have them close our plant at Main and Riverview and over 200 jobs lost.  I stand behind NPC 100% and have sent letters to representatives and media.J.S., local resident
Every day that I drive by the plant, a true remaining fixture of Benton Harbor, I am happy to see it is still there supporting the livelihoods of so many. In my opinion it is unconscionable to consider a 90 year old company that employs over 100 people, most with families to support, “collateral damage.” C.D., Local Resident
I truly support everything you are doing and feel they are trying to eliminate Benton Harbor all together. Not sure what your fate will be. You will either become part of Benton Township or St Joseph. In my opinion, the Emergency Manager was brought in to seal the deal.N.M., Local Resident
Don’t back down from the Harbor Shores situation, right is right, fair is fair.
D.F., Local Resident
I just wanted to let you know I think your website is excellent. Best wishes in your fight against Goliath.  I wish I could say/do more publicly to support your lawsuit, but I serve a non-profit that receives big money from Whirlpool. Local Resident


  1. Good Luck in the fight for what is right!

  2. It’s hard to believe what you are saying when you make false accusations like, Benton Twp. (Whirlpool) and site BANCO as a media reference. Give me a break!!! You guys are really cuckoo.
    Also, please post the documents that you refer to in regards to the land sale. I’m sure it is public record.

    • BHBlues, we used excellent sources for our Broken Water report. Even if BANCO mis-represented the amount of fiscal impact of water to the City of BH’s bottom line, I’m sure you could agree that water is an impact on a city who faces major budget problems. We encourage you to read through our Legal Suit here.


  3. I have been told that the property in question was released by new products long before harbor shores was formed.

    • Robert, this is untrue! NPC has held continuous ownership of the property since purchase in 1955. We have not sold the property in question, and have paid our taxes for it on time every year. There is other land bungling abound… check out this recent problem: Dialysis Land Deal Bungled

  4. I have heard multiple versions on what happened here. Which ones are true? How can I see the evidence for myself?

    • Robert, thank you for commenting on our website. We are not surprised that there are multiple versions of what has happened. i you can be more specific about what you’ve heard, we will be more than happy to respond.

  5. Stand your ground, New Products. More people are on your side that you may realize.

  6. In my 30 years at New Products Corp I have always heard favorable things about how NPC pays its bills on time. It is really hard to believe that the taxes would have been late. To eliminate NPC is to eliminate many tax payers jobs.

  7. Byrd Blanchard
    Maybe Jonathan Mahler should go to whats the big squeeze .com and he may see that there is at least one factory that is still in Benton Harbor called New Products Corporation that has been there since 1922 and is still going strong, I know I have been there 35 years, and I don’t like the idea of being squeezed out, and yes I am a avid golfer and do golf in leagues, but do not believe in closing somebodies work place down for no cause, we employ around 100 people.
    I have sent this to New York Times

  8. I offer my full support to NPC. I am a 30 year old life-long resident of the city of Benton Harbor and I am grateful for the raised awareness of the travesty that has occurred here. The sad thing is that we allowed Harbor Shores to come into existence in the first place. They came into an impoverished city full of struggling black people only to build a private golf course that none of us can afford to join (5,000 dollar fee), and if we could probably wouldn’t meet their “qualifications”. Now they want to encroach upon NPC, one of the few manufacturers still breathing life into Benton Harbor. This is me offering my support to this place I call home and to NPC. I encourage more of you to join this fight and to see that this is a lot bigger than some realize. I’m making my stand and saying that enough is enough. My hope is that more young people will rise up and make every possible effort to turn this city around. My children and yours deserve better and it starts here.

    Katona S. Lofton

  9. I grew up on M-63 just up North Shore Drive from your company. I drove past it on the school bus every day.
    I watched people come and go and know families who made a living there.

    I attended Benton Harbor public schools, I then attended Lake Michigan
    College and went on to graduate from Western Michigan University. Even
    attended grad school there.

    Here is the story.. along the way of putting myself through business school one of my jobs was that I worked in a restaurant that was frequented by a man named Stanley Miller.

    While he was eating his lunch each day, while I was cleaning tables he and I would talk.
    We became occasional friends even though we likely had a 30 year or so age difference.

    He taught me conservative, hard working principals, exposed me to concepts and ideas that to this day at the age of 48 I use to guide my decision making.

    (I still read from the Heritage Foundation as well as Hillsdale College which Stanley was responsible for teaching me about.)

    I don’t know how he is related to you but I do know that if he was willing to take the time to help educate me, he must have been willing to do the same for those in his family who were interested.

    To me, he was a good person who taught me not only what was worth fighting for, but also the correct way to fight for it.

    Don’t back down from the Harbor Shores situation, right is right, fair is fair. Too much authority in the hands of the wrong people creates poor judgment and bad decision making.

    When you have right on your side, pound on right, when you have the law on your side, pound on the law, and when you have nothing on your side, pound on the table!

    Good luck and I hope it is resolved in a fair and equitable manner.

    Dave Frazer
    Stokes Electric Co.

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