Legal Matters

New Products Corporation (NPC) filed a legal complaint regarding their stolen property. NPC also filed a legal complaint regarding neighboring Modern Plastics. The reasons are twofold: to prevent complete encirclement of their property by Harbor Shores and as a creditor in Modern Plastics bankruptcy.

2013 – NPC Fights Harbor Shores’ Attempts to Block Constitutional Rights to Jury Trial

Benton Harbor, MI  (July 30, 2013) – Harbor Shores is blocking New Products Corporation (NPC) rights to a […]


2013 – NPC Seeks to Protect Creditors of Modern Plastics

Bankruptcy hearing is scheduled in Kalamazoo on January 9, 2013… Hearing now postponed until March 6, 2013  BENTON […]


2012 – Harbor Shores Motion to Deny Access to Documents

It’s been more than a year since New Products has filed a lawsuit against Harbor Shores and developers […]


The Legal Complaint

New Products vs Harbor Shores Complaint This is a 22 page document with 13 exhibits. Don’t be afraid […]

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