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About Us
We are New Products Corporation, a 3rd generation family-owned, “Made in the USA,” proud Michigan manufacturer. Founded in 1922, New Products Corporation (NPC) manufactures exceptional quality die cast parts in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Located near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, we ship parts to customers in a variety of industries worldwide. We belong here and we are here to stay—protecting 100 plus manufacturing jobs. Outside forces have stolen our land and are planning to SQUEEZE us off the map.

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Our Story
Whirlpool stole a piece of our property. They want more. We’ve made millions of parts for Whirlpool–and received a quality award. We’ve been good neighbors. We helped build this community. We belong here. We need your help! Please support us.
Whirlpool Stole Our Land
Whirlpool needed our parcel to complete the 18th Fairway of their Harbor Shores golf course. Whirlpool disregarded our ten No Trespassing Signs and our 53 years of ownership to bulldoze our land. Whirlpool has never made a formal offer to purchase our land. Whirlpool never offered to fix their “mistake”–because they stole on purpose. Here’s an aerial map showing our stolen property developed as a golf course. Here we are on Google Maps.  
Squat vs. Own
Whirlpool is trying to claim we lost our land in a tax sale. It is preposterous. Here are the FACTS. We are supported by county tax records, our receipts… and the Constitution. Whirlpool created a convoluted story to get what they wanted. It’s outrageous that we have to fight for what was always ours. Where is Whirlpool’s integrity? Here is our legal complaint.
Actually, they want ALL of our land
Whirlpool has been busy planning a golf course community, Harbor Shores, without us in it. With the resources that Whirlpool has, it is STRATEGIC that they refuse to work with their 92 year neighbor and former supplier. Ever see a factory in the middle of a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course? Where is Whirlpool’s integrity?

How Whirlpool is Squeezing Us Off the Map
Instead, they are SQUEEZING us in many underhanded ways, all while executing their long-term plans. The list of SQUEEZES is long. There is a pattern here: disrupting our business and costing us significant time and money. Rather than doing the right thing, Whirlpool’s strategy is to outspend, outlast, out-lawyer to get what they want. Where is Whirlpool’s integrity?
Frequently Asked Questions
Why would they do this? Why not just buy the property? If there was a mistake made, why wasn’t it fixed?
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How will they squeeze NPC next? Who else is Whirlpool squeezing to get what they want? NPC helped build this community. We have a long list of community outreaches. We belong here. We stand up against theft. We stand for personal property rights. We stand up for our 100 employees. We stand up for what is good and fair.

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