WHERE is the property that was stolen?
We are located in Benton Harbor, Michigan, on the South East side of Lake Michigan. Here is a recent aerial view of New Products’ property. The red block is the stolen property. You can clearly see a golf fairway developed across our property.
We have PROOF of Ownership

  • We have the Warranty Deed. A Warranty Deed guarantees ownership.
  • Berrien County tax records from 1955 show proof of payment–every year, on time. We have all the paid receipts.
  • Whirlpool purports ownership through a Quit Claim deed. A Quit Claim Deed conveys property they might own.
We Warned Whirlpool Not to Trespass. They Built Anyway.
New Products’ attorney notified Whirlpool/Harbor Shores Golf Development that we owned the property. Attached was a copy of our Warranty Deed, a survey and a warning not to trespass. Numerous communications were consistently and blatantly ignored. Development disregarded our ten No Trespassing signs.
Is this a case of Eminent Domain?
No. NPC’s property was not taken by eminent domain which is defined as the right of a government to take private property for public use, with compensation. In the case of NPC’s property, it was taken by private developers without compensation or offer of payment.
What’s the big deal?
This lawsuit is about more than stealing a part of our property. Published drawings, as early as 2005, revealed how Whirlpool made plans to take all of NPC’s property, and the neighboring property of Modern Plastics (now in bankruptcy). New Products is dramatically impacted by this development, including flood protections, special assessments, tax increases, rezoning, spiking water rates (water alone increased $96,000/year). Each of these items are costly and limit our opportunity for growth. If we did nothing, we would eventually be squeezed out of business. We support local businesses and local charities with millions of dollars, and we support our 100 employees and their families. New Products is not against Whirlpool’s development. We are against stealing and planning us out of existence. We ask that they work with us in developing a better Benton Harbor. We’re here to stay. Will you stand up with us? Simply sign your name.

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  • Why would Whirlpool pay the Healds FIVE TIMES more money for OUR property than their neighbor’s properties? (See Property Sales Comparison Map)
  • Why would Whirlpool ignore a title report alerting them to a problem insuring and proceed with a Quit Claim Deed?
  • Why would Whirlpool survey and conduct soil sample tests on another large piece of New Products property (Miller Pond) without requesting permission?
  • Why would Whirlpool/ Harbor Shores detail multiple plans for our ENTIRE property–without any communication with us?
  • Why would Whirlpool rather pay their lawyers than to pay us for the property they stole?
  • Why would Whirlpool make so many other shady land deals?

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